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Walnut Ukraine: First quotations

The first firm quotations of new crop Ukrainian walnut kernel have arrived for early November delivery:

Extra Light 80% halves                                 6,40     EUR DAP EU;

Light 80% halves                                            5,90      EUR DAP EU ;

Amber 80% halves                                         4,65    EUR DAP EU;

Extra light mix   30%                                       5.80      EUR DAP EU;

Light mix           30%                                        5.30     EUR DAP EU;

Amber mix        30%                                        4.30     EUR DAP EU;

Quarters extra light                                      5,20      EUR DAP EU;

Quarters light                                                 5,00     EUR DAP EU;

Quarters amber                                            3,90      EUR DAP EU;

Broken 2-5mm                                               3,80      EUR DAP EU;

Broken 5-8mm                                               4,20       EUR DAP EU;

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