Bombay – This year, walnut crop arrivals in the country have fallen than expected.

The shipment of Chilean walnut took place in April. Chilean walnut crop known for best quality in the world is estimated at 900 containers against 1400 containers.

The demand for Chilean walnut in India is good because of the good quality and long shelf life. The country’s consumption was about 400 containers of Chilean walnuts, and Californian walnut prices are always lower than Chilean walnuts.

Due to a higher import duty of 110 per cent, importers avoid importing or importing in less quantity; even the biggest investors are also unwilling to import walnut at this import duty. And this time, only 265 containers booked against the need for 400 containers.

So, according to traders, due to higher demand against the supply, the walnut market will boom in the coming days, and the prices of in-shell walnut will rise to USD 6.75 per kg or more.

Ripe walnuts in the farmer’s hand. harvesting organic nuts

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