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WALNUTS: Supply chain problems are causing disturb in import of Californian walnut to the EU

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Nuts, Walnuts

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Supply chain problems are causing a disturbance in the import of Californian walnut to the EU. As more and more delays of the arrival of the shipments are reported because of containers chaos,  customers have a new approach to the European walnut stocks.

Case the overseas delivery problems continue, the missing supply can be covered by the own crop of producer countries of the EU that is the demand for Romanian, Moldavian and Ukrainian walnut might increase to compensate the falling out quantities.

Currently, the prices are stagnating or decreasing, which can be explained by the continuing COVID situation caused by low consumption.


Extra Light 80% halves                  6,20  EUR DAP

Light 80% halves                            5,70   EUR DAP

Amber 80% halves                         4,45   EUR DAP

Extra light mix   30%                      5.80 EUR DAP

Light mix           30%                       5.30 EUR DAP

Amber mix        30%                       4.30 EUR DAP

Quarters extra light                       5,20  EUR DAP

Quarters light                                 5,00 EUR DAP

Quarters amber                              3,90 EUR DAP

Broken 2-5mm                                3,80 EUR DAP

Broken 5-8mm                                4,20 EUR DAP

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