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Cumin Seeds

The starting price was $19,95 / kg in the cumin seeds market and declined to $19,93/ kg.

If compared to the last week, we noticed the prices getting higher. Even the market got intensifying export demand. This is the arrival of cumin seeds 162,739 kgs, and Gujarat was the most significant contributor with 13,274 kgs. Hence, increased domestic demand and export was witnessed. As per the analysts, a sharp rally in spices is there.

Coriander Seeds

Talking about the coriander seeds, the starting price was $0,95 /kg and increased to $0,96/ kg.  The Gujarat and Rajasthan market witnessed an increase due to the orders from Bengal and Bihar. The Madhya Pradesh mandis were having stable prices of medium and lower ranges. The auction prices witnesses all the effects of the futures markets. The upward trend in prices will be further as Dubai’s orders from exporting firms were the same as before.

At a glance, the total arrivals were 60,000 bags. A decrease in the arrivals was noticed in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. As the monsoon is going on, fewer farmers purchased as demand has exceeded the supply, so there is a rise in the prices.

Cardamom Seeds

In the cardamom market, a contradiction was witnessed to projections made based on the bearish mode due to increased production. The price started at $23,80 / kg and ended at $23,85/ kg. As the harvesting season has started, a full swing is expected by mid-August.  At present, the overseas demand is weak as India faces a price disadvantage compared to other countries.

Thus, this year’s total production is expected to be high between 30-35 tonnes, 22-23 tonnes last year as per the Spice Board.

Sesame Seeds

The market of Natural 99/1/1 sesame opened at $1,20 and ended at $1,22. The sesame international and domestic market is going to flourish soon, as per the traders. As there is less crop in Mozambique, the demand for sesame in the international market is high. The demand for African sesame has risen globally, and Sudan’s new crop will start in November, raising the global market of sesame. The expectations for Korean tender is expected to be announced by the July or August end. This time, Kharif sesame in Gujarat will be less than Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

The comprehensive report of cumin, coriander seeds, cardamom and sesame gives a 360-degree overview of the market. Amongst the four, the sesame market looks to be profitable for every aspect of the analysis.

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