Flaxseed brown sowing area in Ukraine hit the record with more than 3 million hectares. Therefore, one expects a real and significant increase in the oilseed supply in the new season. Quite interesting that at almost the same time, an export fee was set down to zero levels. Is Ukraine clear for competition with Kazakhstan and Russia?  What is here going on? Please bear in mind the Ukrainian flax had been a kind of residual commodity for Ukrainian farmers and exporters so far. What changed? Is it the price expectation only or maybe a strategy shift?

There is really surprising that some Polish processors have started to offer new-crop contracts. There are priced in the range of 720 – 780 EUR/ t FCA for 99,9 % purity seeds. The offered contracts are no big ones – max 500 t. This is really remarkable that the offers appear so early.

Kazakh and Russian raw material prices and supply are not volatile. Still, one could find suppliers offering 595 EUR/T FCA ( Russia )  and 610 EUR FCA ( Kazakhstan ). In Canada, there is no price shift as well, and it stabilized at the level of 665 EUR/t FCA.

flax seed origin raw material 97 % purity cleaned 99,9 % purity new crop contracts 99,9% purity
Russia 595 EUR/t FCA
Kazakhstan 610 EUR/ t FCA
Canada 665 EUR/ t FCA
Poland 810 – 820 eur/t FCA 720 – 780 EUR/t FCA