Why the Chinese people like eating millet?
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China’s millet has high nutritional value, protein content of 11.3 percent to 13.4 percent, fat, 4.5 percent, and mainly unsaturated fatty acids, protein and fat content are higher than rice and flour. Chinese women will eat millet porridge after giving birth. According to the market report, it shows that the Chinese Xiaomi millet has continued to rise in recent years. It has risen from $ 700 per ton a few years ago to more than $ 1,300 per ton now, and there will be no falling trend in a short period. Many export enterprises have begun to export Xiaomi millet to the European and American markets.

Type: Hulled millet, Xiaomi
Color: Yellow
Purity: 99.5 % min
Package: 25kg paper bags
Loading: 22 tons / 20GP
Delivery condition: FOB Dalian USD 1380/mt