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Cardamom spot market has been steady amidst weak to firm demand, where the prices for all the varieties remained steady after the price drop experienced on November 10.


Green Cardamom 8 mm

Data Price
November 15 $17,21per kg FOB
November 3 $19,50per kg FOB

 Green Cardamom 7.5mm

Data Price
November 15 $16,21 per kg FOB
November 3 $16,65 per kg FOB


With increased production of the crop, the experts of the market believe it will put a cap on the pricing of Cardamom for the following market year. While earlier, it was predicted for the years 2021 and 2022, the production would be between 22,000 and 23,000 MT, but with favorable weather, the expected production will reach almost 30,000 MT.

According to some reports, 10 percent of crops are getting damaged in Idukki region of Kerala due to recent floods. However, it may not change the overall quantity of the produce for 2022. Hence the pressure on the price is expected to remain.

Also, with the easing of travel bans, one can hope the export demand will pick up, which might help increase the cardamom prices for the future despite the increase in crop production.

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