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Will India’s Cumin Continue to Move Up?

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Cumin Seeds, Spices

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The domestic and export demand for cumin has continued to remain strong due to severe crop shortfall. It has risen by $0,72/1,79 per kg within three months from the lower price. The shortage is likely to continue further, and experts suggest that traders keep selling the goods at the current price.

The new cumin crop is arriving in all the producing mandis of Kathiawar, Porbandar, Donegal, Unjha, Mehsana and Saurashtra in Gujarat. At present, 8-9 thousand sacks of new crops are arriving daily, and according to the reports, the old stock is getting cleared in Unjha. The average quality of Cumin is being sold at $2,68/2,72 per kg, and the prices of good quality are $2,95 /$3,08 per kg. It is worth mentioning that the average Cumin was $1,76/1,83 per kg, and its price has gone up to $2,68/2,70.Traders are interested in selling goods at these prices because new crop arrivals have started rising in Jodhpur, Barmer, and Jaisalmer lines.

Although experts say that overall cumin production is 40 percent less, in the Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, and Merta lines of Rajasthan, the sowing of Cumin has been good as the cumin crop was benefited from the last rain there. Therefore, the yield of Rajasthan can not be ignored.

The primary reason for the increase in Cumin prices in the last few days is the high prices in Turkey and Syria. The prices of Cumin in the international markets have increased a lot due to the less export of Indian cumin seeds. However, there has been a vast shortage of Cumin in global markets due to the war. The prices of Cumin in Turkey are high, and production has decreased in Syria. Therefore, the market will remain bullish under these circumstances.


Cumin A Grade 99% Pure

Date Price
April 14 $ 2,92 per kg FOB
April 07 $ 2,91 per kg FOB
April 04 $ 2,88 per kg FOB

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