macro shot of large Indian coriander ideal food and spice background, top view

Globally, India is the number one country in coriander seed export, as per the 2020 Tridge report, with a 33.18 per cent expert share; this comes to USD 45.02 million. After India, Italy and Russia are the leading exporters of the seeds.

With South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine becoming popular in Europe and the US, coriander seeds have significant demand. Countries exporting this aromatic seed find a large market, mainly in France, Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Among the existing countries importing coriander seed, UK imported 55 per cent of its share from India in 2019, with 9 per cent from Russian Federation. But according to the CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs report, Russia is increasing its coriander seed production. It is expected to start the direct supply of it in the European spice industry.

Russia had already increased its production of coriander seeds from 50 tons in 2015 to 233 tons in 2019. Given the steady rise and how it wants to capture the coriander seed market in Europe, India is likely to be replaced from the number one position. This can result in quite an agro-economic setback for India.

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